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We provide a number of resources to test performance between our network and other points on the Internet. If you find a problem or feel performance is below expectations, please let us know, and we'll do our best to find and fix the issue. The ping and traceroute info follows below.

Test Files

Our test files are served from 1000 Mbit/sec links. The files contain randomized data to prevent compression and are large enough to prevent caching and allow the transfer rate to settle. Please note that factors other than your Internet connection may limit throughput, including conditions on your computer or server. If your connection is faster than 50 Mbit/sec, we recommend testing with the 1 GB file.

Stockholm , Sweden

Test IPs

The following IP addresses are located on Internetport´s public network and can be used for remote ping testing, traceroutes, and other network testing diagnostics.

Internetport Datacenter Stockholm Sweden

  • IPv4 –
  • IPv4 –
  • IPv6 – 2A03:D780::1