Cookies policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies and similar technologies are very small text documents or pieces of code that often contain a unique identification code. Information collected through cookies and similar technologies may include the date and time of the visit and how you use a particular website.We use cookies on our website to allow us to store specific visitor-related information in the context of the use of our website.

Collection and processing

Cookies and any data contained therein are deleted automatically after reaching the respective “expiration time.” Third party cookies and data contained therein are collected and processed by our technical service providers under a data processing agreement (Art. 28 GDPR) where applicable.

What type of cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies

For the purpose of delivering the website at all, preventing attacks against our website, accelerating the delivery of our website and storing the cookie-consent choices of the user. The use of these cookies is necessary to pursue our legitimate interest to deliver our website to visitors with a high performance and degree of security (Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR).

Analytics cookies

We use these cookies for the purpose of analyzing the use of our website.

Advertising cookies

For the purpose of delivering advertising on our website, including programmatic advertising based on tracking of the visitors’ interests.


These cookies are still in the classification process. They will show up in one on the following categories; Necessary, Performance, Functional or Advertising.

How can I switch off or remove cookies?

You can choose to opt out of all but the necessary cookies. Use the buttons below to manage your consent. Visitors of our website have the right to object to the use of these cookies as described in sect. 4.2.3 of our Privacy Policy. Visitors may also exercise their right to object by blocking all cookies in their web-browser. This may, however, result in loss of functionality or unavailability of our website.

We have made it easy to manage your consents.