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We offer excellent co-location services for you to experience maximum freedom in managing your equipment in our datacenters.

You can choose your operating systems as well as software at the most competitive pricing with our co-location server services. Co-location offers superb flexibility and gives you an absolute control of having your own server without any need to acquire the in-house resources or space. We try our best to make our co-location servers fit your business needs. To acquire a secure space and high-quality network by availing our co-location server facility to reap the benefits.

co-locationSafe server operation

Our data center gives you reliable server operation and flexibility. As a customer, you get personal access to our data centers around the clock. All entries are logged and monitored. All racks are lockable and there is also the possibility to put alarm on individual cabinets.

Should you need assistance in an emergency mode, our technicians are always available, both for consultation and remote hands.

Fully equipped data center

Our server halls are equipped with extinguishing systems, redundant cooling and power. Physical security is ensured with electronic passage systems, external shields and alarms connected directly to the alarm center.

Fully equipped unpacking rooms and access to the workplace are included. We work in the server halls themselves and understand the importance of being able to work comfortably in an environment intended for people and not machines.

We also use eco-labeled electricity and recycle both carton and electronic scrap in our data centers.


  • You get 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6-address with every package. More IP-addresses on request.
  • Our services enable you to use your own server hardware in combination with the facilities in our data centers.
  • Our servers are located in middle Sweden. Internetport currently has 2 data centers in Sweden.
  • As a co-location customer you will be given access to visit our data center.

Co Location Prices

Single serverFull or part of rack

Frequently asked questions

Can I access the server hall so that I can access my servers myself?
For rack rentals, you will have your own passport and key to access your servers. For the co-location of individual servers, the presence of Internetport staff is required.

What times of the day do I have access to my servers?
For rack rental, you have access to the 24-hour server halls, all days of the year. For colocation of individual servers, office hours apply.

What do you have for Internet connections?
We are our own Internet Operator with more than 10 Internet connections.

We have more than 100 Gbit / s capacity available. We also switch traffic with other Internet operators at several different hubs in Sweden.

Can I get redundant connection to my rack cabinet?
Yes, we offer redundant capacity. You can also get help with transport to Internet operators other than Internetport to increase redundancy further.

Can I help if I want to reboot or reinstall my server?
Yes, you can get help both through the Remote Hands service or where we lend a temporary KVM kit so that you can control remotely regardless of the state of the machine.

Are there any other services we can use?
For the Colocation service, we can also provide network services – such as switching and firewall operation.

Extra services

Remote hands

When you do not want or have the opportunity to go to our server hall – then our experienced technicians are there for you! We gladly help you with cable wiring, racking and installation.

Extended SLA

In order for you to always reach us when any problems arise, we offer an extended SLA agreement. There are different SLA options and you choose the one that suits you best.


Call us on +46650-402000 or for more information!